Sample script for closing program in a seminar

sample script for closing program in a seminar

Two aspects of a speech or presentation hold immense importance to ensure that you are able to leave a lasting impact on your audience, i. The type of closing remarks you add to your presentation will depend upon the environment, the topic of the speech and the kind of audience you are addressing to.

You can also add a touch of humor to make things more interesting with a closing remark like these:. Note: Such a closing remark might be suitable where you have been able to keep your audience laughing throughout the presentation session and the audience might be in the right mood to receive such a remark in a lighthearted manner.

There are a number of ways by which you can add closing remarks to your presentations. Below are some methods you can use for leaving a major impact on the hearts and souls of your audience. This can be done to closely knit your conclusion with a closing remark which might inspire your audience. This might be suitable when your closing remarks are meant to stand out apart from your conclusion.

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For example, your conclusion might be neutral but your closing remarks might provide your perspective on the topic and what you think is the best course of action.

Summarizing information can help the audience gather their thoughts and be reminded of essential aspects of your presentation, followed by a closing remark which resonates with the summarized content. This can be a very handy approach, i. Almost every type of presentation has a call to action.

It is unlikely that a presenter in some way or the other will not be encouraging the audience to act, be it a sales presentation, motivational speech or a presentation about social issues. Your email address will not be published.

sample script for closing program in a seminar

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign up to our newsletter. Thank you. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Recognition Day is the culmination of all hard work and a year of study. Today ladies and gentlemen mark another milestone in our life and in the history of our school Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School, as we gather and celebrate success on this 23rd Recognition Rites.

To our ever equal School Principal Dr. Eileen Irina O. Tayactac, our unrelenting and dynamic head teachers, we have Mrs.

Evelyn Go, Mrs. Susan Enriquez. To our highly competent and deeply motivated members of the faculty and staff; other officials of the Department of Education and Barangay officials of Basak Pardo and Basak San Nicolas present on this occasion; to the proud and loving parents; visitors, friends, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant afternoon.

Approaching the stage are the Honor students, special awardees, together with their loving and supportive parents. May we all give them a resounding applause. Please remain standing for the doxology to be performed by the SPA dance artists and national anthem to be led by SPA musicians.

I do believe that the secrets behind this significant event are not only teachers who have rendered their invaluable service by guiding these students to the right path, but also the parents who give them the support financially and love and encouragement in every activities in the school from Play ground demonstration to the success of Sinulog sa Kabataan.

Now, soon these parents will walk up here feeling proud and successful to accompany their children to receive the fruit of success. At this moment, we believe that not only the students should be given recognition but also the parents who have worked so hard, gave their best to their children no matter how hard life is, they kept on working even if their chin touches the ground because of hard work.

Let us all take this chance and give a warm applause to our dear parents. Please welcome SPA students to give us their electrifying special number. Thank you for that fabulous special number. There you have witnessed how intelligent our students are. Well, you hear it right. Intelligence is not just about academic, but also in arts and crafts in which our students might have one or more of these multiple intelligences.

According to Howard Gardner that brain has evolved over millions of years to be responsive to different kinds of content in this world — language content, music content, numerical content and more. These things can be nurtured by the guidance of our teachers.

In behalf of the faculty of the school to give us more insights about education and success, please welcome our motherly School principal, Dr.

Let us all give her a resounding round of applause. Aside from our parents and teachers, our epitome of success happens because of the help of our stakeholders and community partners.

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Norman Navarro — Basak San Nicolas There you have listened to our respected representatives from Barangay, Parents and to our teachers and faculty. Because of their invaluable service in guiding you to the right path, you come here to receive your prize. Thank you very much sir for that stirring message. To break the monotony of the program ladies and gentlemen let us all welcome the selected students as they render their exciting special number. How about another round of applause? Thank you for that wonderful number.

Quote from the speech To start with the Grade 7, may we call on the year level chairman, Mrs. Now, let us proceed to the awarding of the top 3 honor students with their special awards. To start with the Grade 8, may we call on the grade level leader, Mrs. Let us move on to the next level.Please remain standing for the singing of the Philippine National Anthem.

sample script for closing program in a seminar

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Our event for today will surely give us a lot of learning about this function of human resources.

So please sit down, relax and enjoy the rest of the morning. It is my delight to be your emcee tonight for this informative seminar. I am Christine J. We hope you will find the program we have lined-up for you to be fruitful and engaging. To kick-off this mornings program, we are pleased to have with us our very own Ms.

Emcee Script

Jemimah Tuapen, our group leader to deliver the opening remarks. Join us here on the stage Thank you, Ms Jemimah Tuapen for that very energetic opening message. Its now time for us to share with you the strategic direction of Symantecs latest technology. We will demonstrate how our products, NetBackup and Enterprise Vault can help you address your enterprise data management challenges you face today and be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

The college rewarded her with most coveted honor of the best out going. She has been very passionate not only in acquiring knowledge but also in co curricular activities. Being a very active NSS volunteer she proved her helpfulness and altruistic nature a number of occasions.

She remarkably overcame her illness during the final examinations and delivered her best. As success is brought only to the deserving, here she is in all flying colors.

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A and Bachelor of Law L. B degrees. He currently represents Kottayam constituency. In he became the Minister of home and vigilance in Kerala. He was adjudged as the best minister of the state by. We are privilege to have with us today.The Presentation Playbook Series. Would you do the honors? This is the moment many would-be emcees dread.

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Does that sound like your situation? It can be done. And when you have fun as an emcee, it really is a magical experience. So what do you want your first impression to be? As you can see, the VoG intro works even better when the house lights are down, the spotlights move wildly, and there are very loud guitars playing.

Successful emcees are both grand and humble. Event planners are the unsung heroes of events, and tend to get noticed only when something goes wrong. They deserve a BIG moment of recognition. They too deserve your public acknowledgement. Sounds obvious, right? Introduce yourself anyway. The first question sets the terms, the second ups the ante, and the third plays off the first two as a joke.

Will I get home in time to relieve the babysitter? Who validates my parking? Should I pee now, or wait for a break? Here are some details worth including:. Special events should be just that: special. But that could be done privately and far more cheaply. So why the pomp and circumstance? What does it symbolize?Good morning Principle, Teachers and my fellow schoolmates. We are the chief EAs this year. Sofia Rodrigues Sara Atta Mr. Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning. A year of hard work has resulted in this m Discover great essay examples and research papers for your assignments.

Our library contains thousands of carefully selected free research papers and essays. No matter the topic you're researching, chances are we have it covered. Sign Up.

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Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. Emcee Script I : Assalamualaikum W. It has been a while since this morning we have fun with the children, we shared the happiness together without any boundaries restriction between us.

This montage is a flashback for us with the activities early this morning. So audience, sit back and relax, enjoy the show. What a beautiful speech. L : This is the moment that we have been waiting for, the prizes giveaway. We hope that, the children can developed their reading skills, gain knowledge and would remember us while reading the book.

We hope that this program will be a sweet memory to all the students and the teachers.This is a very different Easter time for many of us across the world. Yet as we take time to pause and reflect, we shall unearth new treasures of Kingdom value.

They will hold a fresh message, anointing and Read More. Peace is so important to our hearts, our minds and our bodies, so coming before God will always bring more peace into our lives. When we work, we serve God. No matter what our occupation we contribute daily to the ongoing work of His Spirit. It can be daunting when we feel the stress of responsibility, the fatigue of physical tiredness or the fear of the unknown and yet God longs to journey with us, to help us through Read More.

Toggle navigation. Closing prayer for a program Dear God, Thank you for the privilege of being able to share in this time together. Time to connect with Heaven, and your promises.

Time to rest and join together with brothers and sisters. Time to reflect, and breathe in the wonder of your love, the majesty of your Kingdom and the excitement of journeying with you. Come watch over us all as we continue to follow you. Thank you. Help us to take this moment of worship and connection with you Into the week ahead. May we carry your Kingdom love in our hearts always.

Closing prayer for seminar a short prayer thanking God for what has been discovered during the seminar Dear God, Thank you for your amazing word, and for this opportunity to learn more about you. Help us now to carry this new knowledge in our minds.

May it deeply impact our hearts, our relationships and our lives. In Jesus name, Amen. Subscribe to Prayerscapes Films on Youtube Help us to share his love and legacy with everyone that we encounter this week.

Holy Spirit, come and equip us in our workplace, guide us in our school life, and inspire us in our neighbourhood. May we be your hands and feet to the needy, your words of affirmation to the oppressed and your arms of comfort to the lonely.

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Thank you for choosing to use us to bring your kingdom here on earth. An Easter Prayer. Prayer for Peace and Comfort. Prayer for Protection at Work.This month marked the end of our two year Transformational Teacher Training programme for the current cohort of 17 schools in the Central Region of Ghana. The teachers and headteachers are now equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver the Ghana Education Service endorsed curriculum, delivered through activity and play based learning.

The teachers are now also able to act as mentors to future student teachers from OLA College of Education who will spend their placement year in the model practice classrooms that have been established over the course of this two year programme.

The well organised and well attended event was described by many people as one of the best occasions they had ever witnessed. The ceremony was chaired by Prof. A group of the graduating teachers gave an excellent speech highlighting the successes of the programme in their classrooms, which was supported by drama sketches showing other teachers acting self registration, managing difficult behaviour, phonics time, and rotations. A best practice presentation from one of the teachers swept everyone off their feet.

The KEEA and Cape Coast Directors presented a brief report about the impact of the Transformational Teacher Training in schools in their respective districts and how other schools not on the training programme are learning from nearby Model Practice Classrooms. The ceremony was also aired on the National TV in Ghana, we are hoping to get a copy of the broadcast and will share it as soon as we can.

Etsey was so impressed with the way the OLA Assembly Hall had been set up to recreate a kindergarten classroom, including learning centres, table top activities and talk walls, that she contacted her UCC students to come and see.

It was an amazing occasion and a fantastic team effort for everyone in Ghana. Here are some photos from the day and we also have a heart warming video that includes all the schools and student teachers from the programme saying a big thank you to the kindergarten teachers and head teachers. Anamuah Mensah addressing the room.

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