Dom summitpost

Panoramic view of Hohberghorn, in the foreground Weisshorn. Created: Feb 20, Created: Sep 06, Created: Sep 03, Solvay Hut winter window view. Created: Feb 18, The Domsummit. Created: Dec 26, A panoramic view from Bishorn. Created: Feb 08, The Dom seen from the summit of Nadelhorn.

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Created: Jun 25, Created: May 29, In the festigrat on the Dom, Created: Jan 23, Created: Nov 01, Top of Dom m. Created: Nov 08, Dom northface. Created: Sep 09, On October 20th, the hut burnt completely. Plans have been made to build a new one. It is named by Fran Kocbekthe deserved initiator and organiser of mountaineering in Savinjska dolina.

The first hut was built in by a German-Austrian mountaineering club, but in it burned down. In a new hut was built.

dom summitpost

Major renewals were done again in and in Just above the hut, the southern face of Ojstrica is rising. But due to its strategic point, Kocbekov dom serves more than only the ascents on Ojstrica.

The hut is opened from mid June till mid September. In the dining room it has 80 seats, in 4 rooms there's 17 beds and in a common room 40 beds more.

The winter room with 10 beds is opened all winter. Marked, medium hard hike-up, 4 h. See also the description here.

dom summitpost

The altitude is only m. Close to the point, where the path starts to climb steeper, we can also visit a nice waterfall, called Orglice if the creek has enough water.

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Our path goes in many turns upwards, allways in the NE direction, until it reaches the Presedljaj saddlem. Till here 2. On the other side of the mountain ridge our path now goes more in a northern direction.

Marked, easy hike-up, 3h. The mountain road ends on a parking place on some m, the place is called "Za loncem" because of a nice rocky 'pot' in the nearby creek.

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From there, the marked path goes northwards by the valley. First a short, moderately steep ascent through the woods, then a flat part along the E bank of the dry creek bed.

After some 30 min the path starts ascending more steeply, a bit towards the right. We must do at least m of altitude, the trail winds mostly through steep woods, crossing a few ravines.

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It is called Stare stalea charming place with a humble water source. On Prag we hit the path 1, coming from Presedljaj. To the hut we have now only a short descent. This meadow with a small, shallow lake and and a shepherds hut is certainly worth a visit. Marked, easy hike-up, 2 h. This is the shortest and easiest approach, also the most recommendable one in winter. There's a big pano with many inscriptions about trails.

From the meadow we continue in the N direction.Dom — correct name Dom de Mischabel — is a massive and impressive mountain at the mid-length point of the Mischabel Chain, between its twin Taschhorn mts.

dom summitpost

Dufourspitze is not located on the Monte Rosa ridge, which forms the frontier between Italy in Switzerland, but one hour away to the west but several Swiss summits of the frontier Monte Rosa exceed the Dom in height by as much as feet. The other two, W and NW run almost parallel from the summit ridge, creating three areas on the W side of the Dom; on the NW ridge there is the Festijoch a large saddle opened on the Festigletscher at S and the Hohberggletscher at N.

Note: desainme Mark having maintained this page and that of the Lenzspitze for five years, does not pretend to having been to these mounains but has attempted to maintain the page by incorporating the messages of those who have.

If any Sper having "experienced" the Mischabel wishes to assume responsiblity for this plaease let me know. Easy speedways.

In Visp is suggested to leave the own car and take the cable-train up to Zermatt, or as arrived to Visp drive in the Valley up to Tasch the last car allowed point then take the train.

In Visp move up to Stalden, then enter the Saastal and arrive to Saas Fee, where many lift-ways stations lie. Dom is usually reached by the non-difficult N side, by steep icy slants, but very frequented is also the Taschhorn-Dom traverse in this waydifficult but very gainful, with a descent along the normal. Easy is also the Lenzspitze-Dom traverse in both the waysbut it is less frequented than the other one because is not very gainful, but anyway interesting.

Both of these two traverses belonged to the famous Mischabel Chain Great Traverse, the remarkable route from Taschhorn moving from the Mischabeljoch Biwak to the Bordierhutte. The glacial E face and the exposed NE ridge are nor very frequented because they present a series of important objective-hazards. Important: all the approaches are however long and binding.

The first ascension of the Dom belongs to J. Davies, J. Zumtaugwald, J. Kronig and H. Notation by [X] Bird? Open all year long.

Hanggliding: Flying over the Dom 4545 m near Zermatt, Switzerland

Open in summer. Du Strahlhorn au Simplon, vol. Ascensions possible all the year long, especially along the Normal N side or the more binding Festigrat NW ridge also linked to a beautiful Lenzspitze-Dom traverse, paying attention, an amazing experience especially in autumn and winter times.View Festigrat Image Gallery - 18 Images.

Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. Toggle navigation. Valais, Switzerland, Europe. Save Add photos See all photos. Log in to vote. Dom Additional Parents Festigrat. First climbed init is also the ridge who was taken by the first ascent party of the Dom. From the Festijoch it heads fearly straight to the summit of the Dom, thereby mainly following the snow fields along the left side of the rocky crest of the ridge.

dom summitpost

The Festigrat is by far the most interesting way to climb the Dom. Unfortunately the traverse is quite dangerous due to bad rock quality. The first part of the path through the forest and alpine slopes is quite steep, whereas the second part through rocky terrain even had to be equipped with steps, fixed ropes and ladders. Allow 4 to 5 hours to reach the hut.

Enter the glacier as high as possible and follow the right bank, first rather steep, later on almost horizontal until you reach point m below the Festijoch. Climb the rock wall to the Festijoch 70m, cables. From the Festijoch the Festigrat rises in eastern direction. Climb the ridge along the easy rock crest or where is possible on the snow fields to the left of it.

Towards the top of the ridge, turn the big gendarme on the left side and finally join the normal route to the summit. Descent goes through the North Flank along the normal route back to the Festijoch. Essential Gear Climbing the Festigrat is an high alpine outing so be prepared for cold and sudden weather changes.

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I would strongly recommend to wear a helmet. Especially the climb to the Festijoch is very exposed to rock fall and dangerous if there are parties above you. When snow conditions are bad the upper part of the ridge can become icy and very tricky.

Dom Planika pod Triglavom

In that case it can be usefull to carry a technical axe and some ice screws. Table of Contents. Dom Routes.Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. Toggle navigation. Gorejnska, Slovenia, Europe. Dom Planika pod Triglavom. Save Add photos See all photos.

Log in to vote. A previous word On our trip to Slovenia last month, we found out that Triglav is an important mountain for Slovenian climbers. A really important one. I am including here all information I gathered when organizing our holidays, but, -as I come from Spain- my information could surely be improved by more experienced visitors of the area. Any help or comment shall be welcome and included in the page in due time. Thanks in advance How to get there Well, there are a number of different ways to reach Dom Planika.

The first three ones in my list are properly described in other SP pages, please click on the links to reach them. As I said before, I'll always be open to adding new routes: - From Stara Fuzina via Vodnikov Dom : about 7 hours and over meters to be climbed. Table of Contents. User Name. Remember me. Forgot your password? Log me out when I close my browser. Keep me logged in all the time. Don't have an account?Stick to washing your face twice a day, even if you sweat in between washes.

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Kocbekov dom

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